Poetry of
Frost Bacchus Longfellow
John Shaw

In the Summer 1986 while living in a dank downtown Orlando apartment with no TV or A/C, I went to the Public Library and for unknown reasons checked out some books on tape. Among them were Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow read by Hal Holbrook and Poems of Robert Frost read by the author. I was amazed then and now at their mixture of words, rhythm, timing and conceptual meaning. I was also amazed at their ability to capture the public's attention in their time and then stand the test of time after death. Nineteen years old and inspired, I decided to become the next Great Popular American Poet.

Although that didn't happen (thankfully considering my early work is quite painful) my poetry became a release for the passions I faced in the romantic relationships of my life. Listing them now for your enjoyment has helped me greatly to put my poetical works into perspective. Whoever you are, I hope you find a few nuggets of inspiration to help light your path.

John Shaw

Favorite Poems
Water & Rock
The Mountain and Me (2004)
Mona Lisa
Dormant Love Fleeting
I Woke Up
Conversation in a Convertible Breeze

The Longing
The Mountain and Me (1987)
The Old Men
Old Wood
Breathing Day
My Way
Dormant Love Fleeting
Defense Mechanism
The Line - Steve
The Dead Friend
One More Scratch

Poems for Kit
Two Breaths
I Love Kit
Valentines Day Poem for Kit
The Coming of the Sea
Resolution of the Sea
Leaving Note
I Dream of Me
A Thought
Kit’s Sanctuary
Flower Note
Flower Note 2
The Smooth Sleepy
Valentine Poem For Mom

Just Divorced
Fools Rush In
I Can't Call
I Woke Up

Poems for Lamia
The Line
Friends, Lamia and John
Cancun, Lamia and John
Sunrise Remembered
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Beginning Again Or Not
A Deer and the Hunter Meet In the Woods
You Can Not Ask for a Poem
Angel Visit
Sunrise Again
Poems from Lamia
From Lamia 1

Poems for Lina
Kisses, Lina and John
Pilot Light
Welcome Home
The Opposite Side of the World
Lina John and Peace
Morning Note
In the Waves

Poems for Kimbra
Water & Rock
Kid & Tease
Everyday of Our Lives

Other Poems
Remember Taylor
For Angeliki
Greg, Marjorie and Variety

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