Poetry of John Shaw

      You Can Not Ask for a Poem



      You can not ask for a poem
      It has to flow forth from the heart
      The soft warm parts with a beat
      it misses one when I see your face, true
      but that doesn’t mean it can pump poetry
      through pipes of love from my heart to yours
      over airwaves and under highways, wedged in sideways
      between buildings until it land silently at your door.
      "More" you’d be blinking if that were the case.
      Still thinking about the possibilities I'll open the door and
      see what comes out
      but be brave cauz what does may surprise you and not be as
      expected at all...

      When tonight we walked under the stars,
      for at least one moment I thought of candy bars
      Mmmmm sugar.


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    2004 All Rights Reserved