Poetry of John Shaw

      Water & Rock


      You are water and I am rock
      I enter into you, thrown in, we make a splash
      You are powerless not to let me pass
      Just as I am powerless to stop
      Such is water thrown in by rock

      Undulating softly downward,
      I penetrate you to the depths of your soul
      You satiate and swallow me whole

      Immersed, my shape is unchanged
      Not so for you who rearranged
      But there is no more or less of either we
      Neither will time disolve rock into shard
            or harden water into me
      You remain wet, and I remain hard

      But let us not mock what we are,
            as water togther with rock
      For we are not the same this time
      I in your embrace and you not empty
      You surround me with your love
            while I fill you with mine


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