Poetry of John Shaw

      Valentine Poem for Mom


      Nathan: I love you
      John: So true now and always more from each to you

      Nathan: Chocolate
      John: As sweet as and adored and pure we dip our life into you for sweetness

      Nathan: Im thinking
      John: Of you with every passing day while whiling away under covers

      Taylor: Hearts
      John: Beating, each at its time, for you

      Taylor: Kisses
      John: Blown at you from far and near no cares just blown to you from us in the air waiftingg softly onto your lips.

      Taylor: Roses
      John: Not bought but symbolically made by and given by love

      Nathan: Anything
      John: What we would give for your love heaven sent from above

      Nathan: XOXO
      John: With embrace and touch and wet and movement and warmth a plenty

      Taylor: Hugs
      John: At tender moments when you least expect it and need it most

      Nathan: Crazy Butt
      John: In a rut, king tut, were all nuts for you

      Taylor: Knights
      John: White with armor and bold to serve and hold and keep near

      Taylor: Jewelry
      John: To adore you with and symbolize and fantasize and expound upon, on and on, our love

      Nathan Taylor and John: Family
      Ours, wrapped up and protected and erected to face the sun each life begun for each other, for another again and again, we are one.

      Comment: The kids said one word spontaneously which I formed a sentence about.

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