Poetry of John Shaw

      The Mountain and Me - 2004

      Today a mountain it came to me
      I mountain so bold and tall I could barely see its top at all
      I wondered some as I watched its heights
      Could I clime its sheer shaves of ice
      Could I conquer, conjured I
      Whilst the mountain still stood and filled the sky
      And if I could why should I
      who am already ragged wrought and beaten by
      the years Iíve seen so slow and mean that it seemed I would
      have died
      and yet here stand I, alive
      I must ask myself in all truth
      Did I survive to run and hide my talents taught though
      dangerous they me be
      Or am I alive to be bold and strive and not let pass any
      mountain I might see
      I know not the answer true but have day to day known what to do
      for on that day and on that spot the mountain steeped deep
      and icy hot has told me what to do and what to do not
      And though time to time Iíve made my choices blind and
      gotten bruised
      I know Iím better for the wear and not confused by the
      winding way many paths must take
      And so on that day and on that spot I breathed one breath
      and held it
      Then breathed out all the things that it held that held me
      and after one moments pause
      I took the mountain

      Comment: Originally written in 1987 the second half of this poem has constantly been revised since I can't seem to ever remember the words when called upon to recite it. This version was written down at an impromptu poetry reading in 2004. The original version is here.

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