Poetry of John Shaw

      The Dead Friend


      I wonder why
      I wonder why
      And before I die
      I'll breathe a sigh
      And maybe cry
      Still wondering why

      Why a river has an end
      Why a friend is not a friend
      Why a mountain touches the sky
      Such are things I wonder why

      I breathe one breath
      Yet before I rest
      I see a friend leave the nest
      In some search to be the best
      I wonder why he's so obsessed
      We still communicate
      And act like friends
      Yet nowadays
      T'is just pretend
      I suppose we'll
      Never talk again

      Thus another day goes by
      And though its gone
      I still wonder why
      And so I say
      Bye Bye
      Old friend
      Bye Bye

      This is the worst poem. Ever!!!!
      About my friend Ramine who became an Air Force pilot.

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