Poetry of John Shaw

      Sunrise Remembered


      In the sunrise I saw many things:
      -three stars twinkling, two in a pair and one alone
      -a bird soaring, then joined by another
      -clouds ahead of clouds, moving at different paces, some
      -Two lovers going home sleepy
      -Waves crashing
      -clouds in the distance finally showing the colors given up
      by the sun
      -like flowers now, they will soon be burning
      -a high cloud takes color, then another and the symphony
      -I try to keep my eyes on it but also look for my lover
      -she does not come and when I look back everything has
      -one ray of lights streams forward
      -lava begins to brew, the sky caches fire from it
      -one red cloud turns white, another dark
      -fiery fringes form far away along at the horizon
      -five birds float past, activity starts to buzz
      -my lovers coming, I get distracted, caught up
      -when I next look the sun is up, hello
      -the horizon runs from blue to golden
      -a golden path forms along the water, straight from to the
      -it peeks in and out of distant clouds
      -the spot becomes a hole and I can look at it no more
      -my lover is with me now.


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