Poetry of John Shaw

      Remember Taylor


      Almost a shame
      amid playing games, and flaming flames it seems I have almost forgotten my diligence due to one so precious and heartfelt I should not have to...
      remember Taylor.
      But remember I do each sweet smile and sincere "I love you" and oh yea the hugs
      Each lasting only a moment in passing but still touching my heart
      and in part on my mind even when belting out orders all the time
      to do
      and try
      and hold tears when you cry
      and lead not follow
      and care
      and dare
      and to be all of me plus more.
      So much more I hope for you in store.
      And as I do I too silently know each moment with you is precious and fleeting
      before long you heart will be beating it's own path to a new door.
      and what a path it will be
      for what a daughter you are to me
      and as things grow and go and change and rearrange
      I will thank the heavens each day
      and always remember to love my sweet Tay Tay.

      Written for Taylor's 11th birthday.

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