Poetry of John Shaw

      The Opposite Side of the World


      Between opposite sides of the world we meet
      each day each with a heartbeat beating a path across oceans and time zones,
      quiet conversations on telephones,
      sporadically sparking memories of moments spoken in soft tones,
      keeping each company throughout the day

      Not enough for sure but will do as it has too and we will meet again
      reminds my logical friend who tells me not to worry, hurry or rush into such feelings
      "Take your time" he says "she's on the opposite side of the world"
      but opposites like romance and logic have never coincided
      and so the mischief in me decided to indulge in indulging you
      in what feelings I have and hope that you have too
      and to put a smile on your face,
      a substitute embrace until we can once more...
      so does my love pour from the opposite side of the world,
      let it come into your life like rain.


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    2004 All Rights Reserved