Poetry of John Shaw

      Kit痴 Sanctuary


      Down by the tree down by the brook
      there is a song bird singing and if you look and listen close
      you値l hear sounds so beautiful you値l swear they were meant to last a life time
      but at the same time know that it is just another song
      thrown against the wind by the song bird singing
      not meant to begin any special moment but creating one all the same

      you値l find some more there too
      you値l find the beavers stirring in the dark and in the day
      and wonder how can creatures carry on this way
      working on from one moment to the next
      all the while vexed upon a goal of greater good for all
      and for all to all the good shall go one timber at a time

      you値l find some more there too
      for along one shore you値l find the trees
      tall with tops only the sunlight sees
      grand straight reminders of what came before
      each value tested and weathered and ready for what痴 in store
      As each new day or moon or first snowfall more they hold

      you値l find some more there too
      for there are flowers blooming
      each one seems to pop up like a surprise
      one of a million treats for the eyes and all the while
      sneaking up on the senses and smelling so sweet
      pure beauty, untouched by time and with every smile or look
      another flower blooms in the mind

      for this place, a place it is not
      yet every spot is an image of the sanctuary
      created for the lucky few who see true and are forever kept
      and captivated by the beauty that is this place,
      the beauty that is you and only you
      and I致e got a feeling
      We値l find some more there too


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    2004 All Rights Reserved