Poetry of John Shaw

      In the Waves

      April 9 2005

      Our love is like the ocean
      neither going or staying but always in motion
      inside, outside, upside-down each wave turns as we turn
      each other upon the other in a curl
      with each smile we swirl, lose ourselves in eyes for a while
      coming up for air occasionally, but for the most part staying lost among the waves

      Thus we have and donít have what most wants
      pleasant enough though with haunts
      and so in the rough we stay day on day wondering when each will have enough

      Even now I say each word carefully least this be the day
      Each knows the way and has the will, but we hesitate between each wave in the still looking into each others eyes we wait
      but the undertow waits not, it moves ever faster
      in precious few moments we are swept up in another crasher
      who tumbles us back to where we were before
      But I am pausing to think and ask a question
      When shall we walk upon the shore for evermore?

      Comment: In the waves we stayed.

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