Poetry of John Shaw

      I Woke Up


      I woke up in a strange place
      with strange smelling air
      and on my shoulder some strange colored hair
      I woke up that morning
      and for sure her face looked better when we met the night
      But so did mine, drenched in wine bleary eyed and telling
      lies and calculating odds like a gambler
      This ones cute but can I handler her
      and if I can’t who’s next in line and how many drinks before
      I find
      another rescue from the another night alone
      holed up and hard up in more ways than one
      for love or any kind shape and size
      just as long as the eyes staring back at me at the end of
      the night weren’t mine in the mirror
      and as my eyes are getting clearer I remembered that I
      forgot her name


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    2004 All Rights Reserved