Poetry of John Shaw

      I Dream of Me


      I Dream of Me
      for I, I'm a dream
      of some far away place realistically unseen

      I am the song of the birds
      untaught in my words
      just daunting and dazzling
      and before long unraveling
      a life story of two to one or a few
      that most likely don't care
      well sometimes...

      I am the wind
      rushing in rushing out
      tossing topsey turby in out and about
      happy and sad
      like any kid who's had to many big brothers

      I'm the ground sometimes
      less often than not
      lie flat in the soil
      hold space in a lot
      yes even me sometimes
      but less often than not

      Most often I am her
      the one who is me
      the one who will finally make me
      my dream I will be


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    2004 All Rights Reserved