Poetry of John Shaw

      I Can't Call


      I canít call
      I did two days ago and two calls in a row
      Hell no! Sheíll think Iím a freak!
      Iíve got to wait
      Oooh how I hate the wait
      I plan my day at home around when Iím going to stare at the
      I looked at it just then so I should probably do the dishes
      before I look at it again.
      What fools made up these god damn rules.
      The phone rings, heart strings tighten.
      Its not her, and the bottom falls out once more
      Donít answer, leave the phone on the floor and go to the
      coffee store.
      To hell with her, Iíll just go find another today
      Anyway, sheís not so great.
      But once there there is no other like her
      and I remember why Iím waiting
      wanting her each second more while Iím contemplating
      I go back home and gasp for at last I have a message
      I check it and it checks out for its her
      she wants to talk
      and talk we will oh yea, for sure
      When I call her back in a couple of days.


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    2004 All Rights Reserved