Poetry of John Shaw

      From Lamia 1

      I don't know where you came from!
      From spring, winter, a lake, a run, an ocean...
      I don't know how or when?!
      There, I was without a face and it touched me...

      I don't know what to say, my mouth has no way, my eyes
      are blind and something started in my soul.. Pure,
      clean, innocent, nonsense wisdom of some one who knows

      You might think I am strange and different...!!!

      Must have been beautiful shivering with dreams and
      fantasies, though different in reality!

      I don't want you to swim towards nothingness..
      I don't want you to be in the dark and yes, I was sent
      to nourish your SOUL. But can't go any further!!

      With tearful eyes, I celebrate the beauty that we met
      under the sky. Appreciate touching your heart and
      finally but gratefully thank God of how YOU made me
      feel about ME.

      This is all. In the distance, I'll sing....



      Authored by Lamia

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    2004 All Rights Reserved