Poetry of John Shaw

      Fools Rush In

      Fools rush in, and thus begins another sad ending
      Over before it begun, no one fought, no one won it just
      didnít happen
      But not for lack of trying, but not for nights of lying at
      home staring at the ceiling sighing and wondering up a
      prophecy of what might be, and lets just see, and maybe we...
      But alas thatís not the way things came to pass, not this
      time or the last.

      Fools rushed in and squandered and plundered like fools
      always do but can you blame them
      werenít we once the same men and women that tried the same
      hearts beating like they wonít last another day until we
      threw caution in the air letting land with out so much as
      another thought because we were in love.
      Head over your heels, and Ferris wheels with fireworks in

      And so fools rush in
      and even thought was over before it begun and no one fought
      and no one won, and it didnít happen at all
      I just hope it happens again


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    2004 All Rights Reserved