Poetry of John Shaw



      We seem so different
      you and I
      you bent on what works
      me willing to try
      just about anything
      as long as there's sky
      for if I can fly
      I'll give up better judgment
      better still even die
      Yes, I'll give up anything
      as long as there's sky
      You, you want the earth
      for all her earthly pleasures
      for knowing the trees
      and the light gentle breeze
      as split molocules on ice,
      either-wind, and a slice
      of the pie full of answers
      concrete thought dancers
      that tingle the mind
      and leave far behind
      all that you've sacrificed
      to maintain such a state
      so perfectly fine.
      Yet together me and I and you and us and we and the others two
      bring together each other
      a sort of unity
      a full circle
      to see our differences through
      for just as daylight
      links dust to dawn
      together as one day
      so are our hearts forged
      in tiresome play
      I love you, I love you, I love you

      PS please don't cry


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