Poetry of John Shaw

      Conversation in a Convertible Breeze


      Life's a breeze
      do this, do that
      check please, grab your coat & hat
      convertible of dreams, down ideologically sewn seems of highway, onward to

      reality toll "sorry pal, can't pay"
      "see you tomorrow?"
      "yea sure another day"
      "so say they all" said softly under breath

      meanwhile, one day begot two of another
      those two begot two more
      and as for the years
      they were lasting less than each day in passing
      all the while the dreams just begot druthers
      and like the others slipped steadily into fact
      3 nights & 4 days, earthly delights, sun shades, & cars "built to last" longer than tomorrow
      displaced what was of the sorrow heartfelt for this world

      what of today?
      is want what we have left to give?
      to defend against the breeze that was so simple then to ease the strangle-hold of desires on life
      the breeze seems still there to seize but do we still care?
      no validated answers please!


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