Poetry of John Shaw



      I search for love
      Lost found and anew
      In search of a someone
      to hold so true
      I search through a meadow
      of flowers so many
      I pass up the bright the blue
      and the plenty
      And sometimes I wonder
      whilst day leads on to day
      If it wasn't my searching
      that lead me astray
      So scared of unfaithfuls
      so tricky so mean
      So scared of old innocence
      so boring and clean
      Perhaps if I had slept more
      and knocked down my walls
      then let all these someones
      browse through my cold halls
      I wouldn't be here
      alone and in fear
      That as time leads on to dust
      and my workings gather rust
      That my heart won't find a home
      So do I ponder all alone

      This one sucks as well. It's embarrassing.

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